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DFM Faculty Awarded Excellence in Teaching

The Award for Excellence in Teaching is presented to Undergraduate Family Medicine Supervisors who demonstrate an enthusiasm for teaching and a gift for motivating and challenging students on a regular basis. Recipients of this award embody the spirit of the Michael G. DeGroote School of Medicine self-directed and lifelong learning and patient-centered approach to medicine.

Nick Minos, Seamus Norton and Maria Shibish
Dr. Nick Minos (centre) with Dr. Seamus Norton, Regional Director, Grand Erie Six Nations Clinical Education Campus (right) and Maria Shibish Program Coordinator, Mac-CARE (left)

Awarded to Dr. Nick Minos from the Grand Erie Six Nations Clinical Education Campus. Very excited and enthusiastic about teaching. Teaches ‘clinical pearls’ for key concepts which really helped me learn. Very engaging. Interested and gets to know his students. Very Supportive. Loved going to work; favourite preceptor in all of clerkship.”

Timothy Cuddy and Dwight Prodger
Dr. Tim Cuddy (right) along with Dr. Dwight Prodger, Regional Director, Burlington Clinical Education Campus (left).

Awarded to Dr. Timothy Cuddy  from the Burlington Clinical Education Campus. “He would love when I’d show interest in a subject area and quickly pull a book out of his bookcase to let me read it to further stimulate my learning. I really felt he valued me as a learner. Created a space for me in his office to write my patient notes. Taught me the ‘business’ side of medicine.”

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